Aerodyne Group, DHL Accomplice Drone Supply Providers

DHL Express, a world-leading delivery service, has reached a joint agreement with the Aerodyne Group in Malaysia to “evaluate the economic viability of drone technology and develop business models for use in life sciences and maritime supply chains,” a joint statement said Press release.

The Aerodyne Group is a leading international drone service provider that operates in more than 35 countries. Aerodyne employs more than 400 drone professionals and is known for extensive data collection and analysis, including industrial inspections. The partnership has identified “market opportunities for improving health care transportation in East Malaysia and time-sensitive prerequisites for ships on the Malakkan Strait,” the press release said.

“The fourth industrial revolution, which is being accentuated by the digital transformation in many industries in connection with the pace of change in the logistics sector, requires constant innovative approaches in order to meet the changing demand and ensure sustainable supply chains. This is where drones and robotics can play a role. Drone technology plays an important role in the future of logistics, especially for companies in Malaysia, ”said Julian Neo, Managing Director of DHL Express Malaysia and Brunei. “In line with our commitment to digital transformation, we are actively interested in new technologies and their practical applications so that we can support the diverse needs of the communities we serve. Our partnership with Aerodyne is a big step forward in making drone delivery a reality in our offering portfolio. “

“In parallel to the global increase in drone deliveries, our partnership with DHL Express is at the right time to make this service compliant, technically and economically viable in Malaysia and beyond. Our proven experience in large-scale operations with AI-based solutions and innovative data analysis enables us to quickly scale and digitally transform companies in all sectors. This collaboration will also reinforce our global efforts to support regulatory support for drone services and drive further breakthroughs in our advanced drone and data technology, ”said Kamarul A Muhamed, Founder and CEO of Aerodyne Group.

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