Adhesive Silicone Pasties with Journey Field


These nipple covers are proudly made in the USA by the best silicone artist in the business! Made with Invisifeel adhesive, each piece is applied to your skin for a perfect fit and shape. Each cover is hand-sculpted and meticulously finished. The matte finish outperforms double-sided tape and will not reflect light so you can feel confident in any setting.

  • Invisifeel silicone. Provides the utmost comfort
  • Ultra-thin material. Covers the nippple to create a natural skin look & feel
  • Soft. Delicately sticks to surface of the breast
  • Undetectable. Have a matte finish that outperforms the double sided fashion tape used by celebrities
  • Secure. Waterproof; stays firmly on the breasts no matter the occasion
  • Reusable. Made for repeat use


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