Scooters And One Wheels

Activists Name For Fees In opposition to Officers After Deadly Scooter Crash – NBC4 Washington

It has been more than nine months since DC police tracked Karon Hylton-Brown when he was driving a scooter and had a fatal accident.

On Wednesday, Ward 4 councilor Janeese Lewis George said it was too long not to bring charges against the officers. She and community activists protested outside the US attorney’s offices to demand action.

“We’re here to tell you to pull yourself together,” said George. “We demand that you stop procrastinating about justice and accountability.”

Hylton-Brown was 20 years old and the daughter of an infant who would be three months old in the crash. The video shows him driving a scooter up and down the streets of Brightwood Park in October when officers try to stop him. The officers followed him and turned on their lights.

Hylton-Brown was hit by a passing van on Kennedy Street NW and died three days later.

The chase and crash were followed by days of tense protests in front of the fourth district police station.

“There will be no guarantee of peace if there is no guarantee of justice,” said activist Perry Redd, a participant in the protests.

Four Metropolitan Police Department officers were put on paid leave during the US Attorney’s investigation. A spokesman for the office said Wednesday that the investigation is continuing.

“The investigation into the tragic death of Karon Hylton-Brown is ongoing, but as with any pending matter, it would be inappropriate to comment at this point. The US attorney’s office has pledged to thoroughly investigate police deaths, ”the statement said.

George, the councilor, called the wait “unnecessary and inexcusable”.

Hylton-Brown’s mother, Karen Hylton, was absent from the press event on Wednesday. But she has confronted Mayor Muriel Bowser several times in the past few weeks and asked for an update.

An MPD spokesman said Officer Terrence Sutton, who drove the police car during the chase, was still on paid administrative leave. The department refused to provide any information about the status of the other three officers.

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