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We wrote about DroneUps drone delivery of Coke and Coffee to residents in Coffee, GA – but how exactly did that delivery work? With the A2Z Rapid Delivery System, parcels could be delivered without the drone landing – a method that solves many problems with drone delivery.

CA-based A2Z Drone Delivery, LLC has developed a patented free fall drone delivery mechanism, the Rapid Delivery System (RDS1), which DroneUp® is using for the project with Walmart and Coke. The RDS1 system lowers the cable delivery to the floor. This means homeowners don’t have to worry about a noisy landing or that a landing drone may encounter obstacles on its way down. “The RDS1 was selected because of its fast delivery capability, which reduced the time on the station to just 30 seconds per delivery, minimized the annoying rotor noise and limited the window for the risk to people on the ground,” says a press release from A2Z.

“For our partners at DroneUp, trust in our system was the best proof of concept we could imagine and a memorable benchmark for our entire team,” said Aaron Zhang, Founder of A2Z Drone Delivery, LLC. “The unique features of the RDS1 are specifically designed for this type of residential delivery, where our attached free-fall mechanism can precisely and quickly deposit payloads while floating far away from people, houses, trees and utility cables.”

Many of the concerns about the safety of drone delivery – and the impact on communities – stem from the end of the mission when the drone lands. “By delivering payloads without descending from cruising altitude, the A2Z Drone Delivery RDS1 reduces the security and privacy concerns often associated with drone delivery by keeping rotating UAV propellers away from people and reducing the annoying rotor noise of low-flying drones “, According to the press release.

“With the myriad of logistics involved in home drone delivery, it’s important to have confidence in all aspects of the hardware, from the UAV platform to the delivery mechanism,” said John Vernon, CTO of DroneUp. “With the RDS1, our pilots can reduce the time on the station to around 30 seconds per delivery. Combined with the ability to deliver from cruising altitude, this fast delivery and the security features built into the Tether system itself help us address some of the public’s concerns about UAV delivery. “

A2Z’s RDS1 was designed to address the concerns of regulators and consumers, the company says:

To ensure that the payloads are safe throughout the flight, the RDS1 has extensive built-in safety precautions. An automatic weight check before the flight ensures that the flight platform is not overloaded before the integrated payload status monitors of the RDS1 track the payload during the flight and delivery. Manual delivery control is supported by intelligent safety precautions that calculate the free fall of the payload and the time to slow down the descent to the ground. A passive payload lock protects against packet loss in the event of power fluctuations. Should the UAV encounter an emergency, the payload and tether can be abandoned to save the aircraft and protect the safety of people and property on the ground.

“Regardless of how many flight hours you have as a UAV pilot, bringing the dynamics of parcel delivery to the ground is still a new concept, so seamlessly integrating the tether controls into the pilot software is imperative,” said DroneUp pilot Ethan Burnette. the delivery missions flew with the RDS1. “Knowing the redundant security systems are in place, you can have peace of mind as you get used to flying a drone with a payload underneath.”

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