911 Drone Deployment – RotorDrone

Archer Unmanned Air Systems (Archer UAS), a technology company with a 911 integrated drone deployment system, has announced a partnership with RapidDeploy as part of its Lightning partner program. Archer’s life-saving drone delivery software, Archer First Response Systems (AFRS), will be integrated with the RapidDeploy SaaS platform so that 911 agencies can better locate victims and send time-sensitive, life-saving consumables via drone with the push of a button. RapidDeploy’s cloud-native SaaS platform has been deployed in over 500 public safety agencies and 911 call centers. Another 150 deployments are currently underway in the United States

The Archer First Response System consists of four core components: Archer’s 911 integrated aircraft provisioning software, an autonomous aircraft, its Ground Control Hub housing unit, and Archer Survey, a proprietary artificial intelligence-based satellite analysis platform that can freely locate more than 55,000 coordinates for optimal emergency delivery.

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