64G Mini Voice Activated Recorder


This handy, pocket-sized recording device fits in your wallet, bag, and purse. It comes with a high-capacity battery that can be charged in under two hours and stores up to 750 hours of audio. With a super-clear audio quality, this recorder offers 24-hour battery life and is equipped with digital noise reduction technology that is perfect for capturing natural voice or audio recordings anywhere, at any time.

  • Unique, practical design. Fits easily in your wallet, pocket, or purse
  • 64GB memory. Stores up to 750 hours of high-quality recording files
  • 230mAh rechargeable battery. Offers 24 hours of battery life & 145 hours of recording capacity
  • Noise-free & 360° panoramic recording. Provides really clear and natural audio recordings
  • No extra software. To playback audio, simply connect the headphone jack included in the package & play
  • Voice activated mode. Starts recording when recognizes the sound around, stops recording when quiet
  • One-key recording. Simply turn switch “On” for recording, and turn “Off” to save


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