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2021 Honda Forza 350 maxi scooter unveiled

2021 Honda Forza 350 maxi scooter unveiled

Honda Forza 350 is an extremely popular maxi scooter in the Japanese brand’s portfolio, especially in some Asian markets. The company unveiled a new iteration of the Forza last year in Thailand and introduced a number of changes to the maxi scooter. And now Honda has launched the updated Forza 350 in Thailand. However, the latest model has only a handful of changes such as new features and color options. 2021 Honda Forza 350 will now receive the company’s Honda Smartphone Voice Control (HSVC), which works through the Honda RoadSync application and allows the driver to control operations such as answering / declining calls, navigating, music, etc. while on the move. Alternatively, the new Forza also gets switchgear to access these functionalities and more. In addition to the HSVC, the new Honda 350cc maxi scooter also gets new color options.

The company hasn’t made any design changes to the Forza 350, considering that the model launched last year received a number of design changes from its predecessor. The Forza Maxi-Scooter still has a sporty front apron with stylish LED headlights and LED indicator lights, 150 mm electrically adjustable windshield, wide handlebars, step-up seat, wide running boards for comfortable ergonomics and LED rear lights with emergency stop signal.

In 2021, Honda Forza 350 will use the semi-digital instrument panel with TFT display, Honda Smart Key with keyless ignition and vehicle finder function. The maxi scooter rides on telescopic forks with two rear shock absorbers, while the front and rear brake tasks are performed by disc brakes with two-channel ABS as standard. 2021 Forza also features the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) system for sufficient traction on the rear wheel at all times.

The Japanese brand has not made any changes to the engine of the Forza either. So the scooter still draws its power from a liquid-cooled 330 cm³ SOHC engine with fuel injection, which delivers 29 hp and 31.5 Nm maximum torque. Honda announced in February of last year that it would launch the Forza 300 maxi-scooter in India. However, it is said on the street that the company could probably introduce Forza 350 here next year.

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